Our Vision

Savvy & Well Meals at it's core empowers people to take care of their health through food. We find high quality, local ingredients, and send you just what you need so nothing is wasted. But eating healthily affects not just our bodies physically, but psychologically. You may find yourself less stressed, having fewer cravings, sleeping better and feeling better overall from eating a healthy diet.

Our Process

All of this sounds great; however, it can sound like an impossible task if you don’t have the time. If you make too many decisions at work and want to come home to fresh delicious meals, you can hire us to be your personal chef. 1. Check out the menu 2. Place your order before Monday at 5pm and receive your minimum order of 2 dinner meals on Thursday. 3. Receive your order and start cooking, your meals will taste better the sooner you cook them so get cooking. As Julia Child says, "The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

Our Work

Let us do the meal planning with a dietitian, grocery shopping, prep work and delivery so you can save time and eat well during your busy work week. Proceeds from each order go towards funding culinary education in low income schools in the community. S&W partners with local Non Profits to organize cooking classes and providing S&W meal kits in communities where healthy foods are not readily available, often referred to as a food desert.

Bringing Communities Together

*PLUS, feel good knowing that with each purchase you make we donate a percentage of proceeds to programs that teach kids how to cook. We partner with local foundations that work closely with communities to make sure those most in need are given attention. We thank you for your support!

Our Ingredients

We look to support organic farms, hormone-free meats and poultry, sustainable seafood. If you are a supplier please contact us at gabrielle@savvyandwell.com

Our Services

Let us do the meal planning with a dietitian, grocery shopping, prep work and delivery so you can save time and eat well during your busy work week.

Gabrielle Tenney, CEO

Since graduating from the Culinary Institute of American in 2007, Gabrielle has cooked at The Four Seasons Resort in Lanai, Hawaii, Picasso, a Michelin starred restaurant at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas and opened restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her current mission is to inspire people to take control of their health through the power of food. She took on the role of health activist to inspire change in peoples’ lives and integrated it into her undergraduate work at VCU, where she graduated with a degree in Marketing. She decided to create Savvy & Well during a service-learning course at VCU working with Ford Motor Company to alleviate food deserts in Church Hill. Working with leaders of organizations in the Richmond community including Bon Secours, Shalom Farms, Edible Education and the American Heart Association inspired her work to continue in the reduction of food poverty in America. She is also an avid traveler which greatly influences her food. You can experience her ethnically diverse comfort foods at home with her Savvy & Well Recipes.

Stephanie Stockslager, MS, RD

Stephanie has been a registered dietitian for the last 13 years, working in such varied environments as hospitals, research, and consulting. She earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Central Michigan University, and furthered her training at one of the oldest dietetic internship programs in the country, Virginia Commonwealth University Health in Richmond, VA. She has a passion for nutrition education to the patients and clients that she works with, as well as aspiring registered dietitians. She currently works at Virginia Commonwealth University Health as Clinical Coordinator of the dietetic internship program and provides a nutritional analysis for Savvy & Well recipes.

Andrew Jordan, Photographer

Graduate of the prestigious VCU Arts program and Richmond native, Andy's experience casts a wide net in the photography world. From capturing architectural beauty and portraits of the people that inhibit them, working with Lee Brauer for the last 5 years, he can also captivate your attention with Food and the Environment. The beautiful photographs you see in Savvy & Well are his handy work.